Is your Geelong business ready for the future of work?

What does your future workforce look like?

The future is coming, and it's all we can do as Geelong businesses to get ready. So, what's in store for the skillset of our future workforce, and how can we prepare for it?

According to Deloitte's new report The Future of Work, the majority of the experienced workforce (those with 15 years or more in an industry) believe that by the end of their career, they are more likely to have a broad range of skills, rather than laser-focused knowledge in one or two specific areas. Meanwhile, newer, millennial entrants were found in a Deloitte report to expect to leave their current employers within the next two years.

All this adds up to the potential of a transient workforce with a broad range of skills across many areas, but lacking in that depth of knowledge that truly defines an expert employee.

So, what does this mean for your Geelong business?

Retain the experts

Specialised knowledge in certain areas is integral to the success of an enterprise. While it's important to have an agile and diverse workforce as a part of your business development strategy, when it comes to certain topics, it pays to have focused experts.

For example, would you prefer to utilise the services of an experienced Chartered Accountant who knows all there is to know about business taxation, or rely on an in-house bookkeeper? While the bookkeeper may have the broad range of skills that Deloitte found most workers expect by the end of their career, the lack of knowledge around finances could put you and your business in deep water.

The future of your enterprise could be based around retaining the experts among your workforce, both internal and external. Plan ahead by talking to the team in small-business accounting at WMC Accounting today – our expertise isn't likely to go anywhere.

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