Making the nbn part of your business development strategy

Broadband is coming to Geelong, but not anytime soon.

If you want to survive in the modern Australian business world, you effectively have to be connected to the world wide web. With online stores and company websites becoming a de facto necessity across the world, it's understandable if you are planning your business development around the internet factor.

However, you may be finding yourself frustrated and disappointed with the current connection situation for your business in Australia. You aren't the only one by any means: the average download speed in Australia is only 12.9 megabytes per second according to In comparison to Belgium, sitting at 38.7 megabytes per second, it is unsurprising that so many feel like Australia is falling behind.

There is good news, however. The Australian government, over the next three years, will be connecting the nation to the National Broadband Network, with the hopes of improving our speed in cyberspace. It isn't just so people sitting at home get less buffering on Netflix, however, as a faster internet speed could seriously assist your business.

The Office of the Australian Small Business Commissioner describes how the nbn will improve productivity, increase worldwide connectivity and help remote businesses. When your business has a better connection, it can provide improved online services, enable working from home for distant employees as well as boost the online presence of any business.

Time to prepare

According to the Geelong Advertiser, it won't be until 2017 that Geelong receives access to the new nbn. However, when it does appear, it will land with a splash.

"With our Government's strong focus on growing smart jobs and the digital economy, this investment will open up a whole new world of new opportunities," said Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson to the Geelong Advertiser.

The world is online, so it's important that Australia and your business keeps up.

To find out how you can help strategise your business around this new internet rollout, talk to the experts at WMC Accounting today.

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