The Facebook trend small businesses need to know

Mobile apps are powerful marketing tools.

Have you overlooked the power of social media for your small business because you assume that your next customer is a phone call away? Thinking this way may have cost you revenue.

Australians search for (and find) products or services on Facebook. Here are some key findings published by Meta about Australian Facebook users

  • 9 million Australian users access the network on mobile devices daily.
  • 60% of Australian Facebook users discover offers, and research it on the social media platform or the brand's website.
  • 35% of Facebook users share and discuss what they have found with their network.

It is plain to see that small businesses would do well to invest in a social media strategy that includes Facebook.

Mobile app trend

Launching a social media marketing campaign can feel overwhelming for many business owners. Before you get into marketing strategies and messaging, trends can give you a sense of customer behaviour on the platform.

According to Meta and social media marketers, an overwhelming majority of Facebook users in this country access the network on their mobile phones. Mobile-friendly content is vital to reaching your target audience on Facebook. Ask your internal or outsourced marketing team what their plan is to ensure that all types of content — video, long or short copy and images — is formatted correctly.

Messenger is another way to connect with prospects and current customers online. In Australia, Facebook Messenger is the second-most popular social media app according to the social media marketing network host Social Media Perth.

Adding Messenger to your social media strategy could help with driving traffic, customer service and increasing sales. For example, adding a Messenger plugin to your website allows people to start conversations with your business from their mobile devices. You might also consider an ad that directs people to Messenger where they'll talk with an expert. Either tactic takes advantage of Australia's Facebook mobile app trend. 

Accounting for Facebook

You may be wondering how much you should spend on Facebook marketing? There are many ways to slice and dice your marketing budget. With Facebook ads, you can set your budget according to either your overall spend or "cost per result." The limit you choose depends on what you hope to achieve: Increased sales, revenues, customer base and more. Including Facebook in your plan could be a strategic move for new and developing businesses in need of reaching a greater audience or spreading the word about a new product or service.

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