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What does the ATO look for when it chooses which companies to audit?

Are you paying taxes right?

The ATO​s new online tax system will make tax compliance and lodgment easier, but what other practices could bring the taxman to your door? Read More »

An accurate cash flow forecast can help your business plan for the future.

Projecting cash flow: how and why

Every business relies on cash flow to ensure employees receive their wages, bills are paid and suppliers are kept happy. But why is a cash flow forecast so important? Isn’t a profit and loss statement sufficient? We explain how to project your cash flow and why your estimates need to be as accurate as possible. Read More »

Thinking of starting a new business in regional Victoria? WMC Accounting can think of five reasons why you should.

5 reasons to start a business in regional Victoria right now

There are many reasons why regional Victoria is an excellent place to start a new business. The Victorian government offers significant support via grants and development programs, and new research suggests business confidence is through the roof in the state. But that’s not all – read on to find out more. Read More »

Are you considering buying a business in regional Victoria? Let WMC Accounting help.

Good types of businesses to buy in regional Victoria

Buying a business in regional Victoria is a huge decision, which is why entrepreneurs should perform thorough research and contact a local Geelong accountant for guidance before taking the plunge. But what type of businesses could offer potential opportunities? Read More »