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SMEs may need to improve their data security as new breach notification laws come into force.

SMEs focus on cyber risk as new data breach laws commence

Australia is the latest country to introduce mandatory data breach notification laws, with businesses required to inform the relevant authorities when their systems are seriously compromised. But are SMEs adequately prepared to comply with the legislation? Read More »

SME owners are dealing with a number of late payment woes.

4 late payment facts keeping SME owners up at night

Late payments are a constant challenge for SME owners, leading to cash flow problems, investment delays and – in worst-case scenarios – insolvency. We’ve scoured the latest research to bring you four statistics about late payments that should get you thinking about your debt collection processes. Read More »

Setting up a new business in a regional location can be challenging.

What factors are important when launching a regional start-up?

Setting up a business has unique challenges when you’re based in a regional location. Enlisting the services of experienced tax accountants in Geelong can help you address these issues and build a successful organisation outside a big city location. But what key factors should you consider? Read More »

Australian business confidence is rising, according to recent research.

Should I start a new business in Australia in 2018?

Australian business confidence is on the rise and late payments appear to be decreasing as we settle into the new year. But should you start a new business in 2018? We examine the latest SME trends to see what the year has in store for start-ups in the country. Read More »

Can your favourite Xmas films teach you how NOT to run an Australian business?

3 Xmas films that teach key business development strategies

Did you watch all your favourite Christmas films over the festive season? You may not have realised, but there are plenty of lessons to be learned from Xmas movies when it comes to business development strategies. In some instances, they provide crucial tips on how not to run an Australian business! Read More »