3 tips for cutting down on your energy bills

3 tips for cutting down on your energy bills

It's an unfortunate reality that Australia's energy prices are going up. Since Australia exports most of its fossil fuels overseas and the cost of these resources are increasing worldwide, this will affect your energy bill.

You may not be able to control the cost of energy, but you most certainly can change how much energy you use. Read on for some ideas.

Adjust your thermostat by one or two degrees

It's common knowledge that the heating and cooling systems in your home make up a great deal of your total energy use. You naturally don't want to be so cold or hot that you're uncomfortable — but the trick is to get it just right.

That means adjusting your thermostat by one or two degrees. In fact, a single degree can save you nearly 10% on your energy bill, according to Les Anderson, content manager at Bionic. One degree!

Take a good look at your energy bill for savings ideas

Your energy bill will typically have a full breakdown of your usage throughout the month. Study this document thoroughly. Maybe you've been using a gas fireplace so much that it's costing you a significant amount of money per day. Or you turn on the heat just a little too early in the evening to stay toasty. You could be wasting money on too much lighting.

If you understand where your money is going, you'll be better equipped to look for ways to cut down. Only use a gas fireplace when you're actually in the room and don't run it as often. If you want to stay warm in the evening, see if you can tolerate a lower heat setting or put off turning on the heat until it really gets cold out at night.

If your energy bill is high because you're not turning lights off when you leave the room — or you have too many lights on when less will illuminate the room perfectly well — try turning them all down and see how it feels.

Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Yes, LED bulbs are more expensive than traditional incandescents, but because they last longer and use far less energy, the savings will make up for those costs fairly quickly.

With energy costs rising around the world, so too will your energy bills. Thankfully, there's plenty of things you can do to lower them by altering your energy usage routine. Changing your habits like these can really add up in savings over time.

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