How to choose a social media platform for your business advertising

How to choose a social media platform for your business advertising

As accountants, we advise that owners analyse their marketing spend annually. As reports are out on social media platform usage, like the Digital 2022 from We Are Social, this is a good time to consider on which social media platforms you should advertise your business.

Most popular social media platforms in Australia

Advertising on social media is the way to increase your market reach. However, not all social platforms are equal in popularity. Here are the rankings for Australian users according to

In December 2022, the most popular social media platforms were:

  • Facebook – 18 million
  • YouTube – 17.5 million
  • Instagram – 10 million
  • LinkedIn – 6.5 million
  • Snapchat – 6.4 million
  • Twitter – 5.8 million
  • Tumblr – 3.7 million

Popularity isn't everything. Your business solves problems for specific audiences. Where are your target audiences hanging out on social media?

Most likely to find your target audience

Spending advertising dollars on a social media platform for microblogging (Tumblr) may not be where you want to engage with first-time home buyers or manufacturers. Similarly, a platform like Twitter may be too tumultuous for your auto show ads or agribusiness webinars. Keeping in mind that social media platforms are places where brands and customers interact, choose a platform where your target audience is active.

For businesses that seek engagement, brand reach and sales, Facebook may be the best platform. One million Australians have an account. Globally, two-thirds of visitors are on local business Facebook pages once a week or more and one third of users make purchases there.

As the Australian Government says, "Save time and effort by choosing social media platforms that your target audience will use."

Most likely to meet your business goals

Consider what you're trying to achieve — increase website traffic, visibility or loyalty — by advertising on a mostly visual or mostly word-heavy platform before you spend there.

A business goal of reaching a new market could make a new-to-you social platform attractive. Lean on marketing research to identify where your new market hangs out. Then, go full throttle ensuring your message and content are irresistible. 

It could be that your business isn't using the social media channels it has to the fullest. There are tutorials sponsored by the platforms or other social media gurus to glean fresh insights on improving your advertising effectiveness.

Contact us if you need help with your business budget because marketing is a terrible thing to waste.

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