Does Geelong have the right kind of workplace culture?

Can the right kind of workplace culture have an influence on an entire region's business productivity?

The world of work is naturally interlinked with the economy. Consequently, a happy, engaged workforce can contribute to the overarching success of the country. At a more regional level, even individual cities and towns can have their own unique workplace cultures linked to productivity.

In the case of Geelong, the city is becoming a hub for innovative businesses, but is its culture up there with the best? Well, the city's council is determined to find out, and it is endeavouring to review the culture of the workplace.

"We can now work on remedial action. There is no sugar coating. The culture review enables us to see where we've been. I see it as drawing a line in the sand, and from here we move forward," explained interim Geelong Council CEO Kelvin Spiller.

The importance of culture

So, if the local authorities are prioritising it, why should companies across Geelong – and the rest of the country for that matter – include 'culture' in their business development plans?

Well, Forbes contributor Josh Bersin explained that creating a positive culture is one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders. Why? Because the companies that become the ideal places to work in the minds of the wider workforce become the best at attracting and retaining talent.

The right people, the right culture

Recruitment can be an issue for any business owner, whether they've recently started a business in Australia or are a seasoned operator at the head of a big company. Finding the right people is the first step in creating an exemplary culture.

Moreover, Business Insider Australia contributor Aimee Groth surmised that this process gets easier once the company's reputation starts to develop, as word of mouth can quickly spread.

Ultimately, a positive working environment can change a business – and the region it calls home – for the better. Consequently, it's little wonder that decision makers in Geelong are keen to better the city's culture, as it will likely improve overall business prospects going forward.

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