Strategies for expanding business reach and attracting new customers

Strategies for expanding business reach and attracting new customers

In business, expansion isn't just an option — it's a necessity. Whether you just launched a startup or run an established business, you need to reach new customers and grow your business. To achieve this, you must employ effective strategies that can propel your brand into new markets and demographics.

Let's run through a few strategies to try in the new year.

Reevaluate your website: Your website is your online storefront, so you want it to be the best it can be. Ensure it's user-friendly (easy to navigate), responsive (gets customers the information they require) and optimised for search engines (follows SEO best practices). A solid website experience has the potential to attract and retain visitors.

Content marketing: While you're refreshing your website, leave room for a blog and other forms of engaging content, such as videos and webinars. If you position yourself as an industry thought leader, more customers may find a reason to keep returning to your brand.

Take advantage of social media's power: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram — just a few of the major social media platforms your business could benefit from. Per Statista, Facebook has over 3 billion users while Instagram boasts more than 2 billion. According to Hubspot data, Facebook and Instagram are also the two social media sites that yield the biggest return on investment. To engage a broader audience, utilise paid advertising to target specific demographics and boost your online brand.

Email marketing: Sure, people love to complain about having too many emails, but email marketing remains a useful tool in the quest for greater customer acquisition and retention. Build a strong email list and then send personalised, relevant content. Messages featuring discounts or exclusive offers to encourage sign-ups could mean customers actually look forward to your emails.

Customer feedback and reviews: Through emails, you can also encourage customers to share positive reviews about your business. Whether these reviews are submitted to Google or Yelp, they might have a positive impact on your business.

Network and participate in industry events: How active are you in your sector? Maybe it's time to start attending conferences or networking events related to your industry. Building connections with professionals and potential customers could lead to new opportunities.

By implementing these strategies effectively in the new year, you could be setting your business up for a bright future. As your business grows, also don't forget that you can turn to the experts at WMC Accounting for even more advice.

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